London // Vol. 2

Little Venice

Tower Bridge

View of the Queen’s House from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

One of Josh Morris’ requests for our time in London.

Columbia Road Flower Market.
Flowers, pastries, shops lining the street.
Pure magic.

Mom and Dad at the cafe across the street from our flat where we shared breakfast each morning.

St. Pancras station.
Our train to York left from King’s Cross, but we had to pop in to St. Pancras for a peek.


London // Vol. 1

Our tube stop – right down the street from our flat.
Residing in a city with limited public transportation, an Oyster card  is real magic.
The whole city is yours with a few dollars and a tap on the yellow circle.

Tea with my mom at The Orangery.
One of my very favorite moments from our time in London.

The palm house at Kew Gardens.

The Design Museum and the Designer Maker User exhibit.

Off to the busy Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, and classic London sights.
The scaffolding didn’t quite cover up the bell tower and it still chimed strong.

We walked across the bridge to the South Bank which was a mass of people and street performers.
And one of us enjoyed some cotton candy (er, candy floss?).

Classic London side street.


London was full, bustling with so many different people.
Everywhere you looked there were seas of people and beautiful buildings.
All of the pictures I grew up looking at didn’t compare to the grandness and charm of being there in real life.


(For the 1990’s kid reference:  This and this.)

This happened a month ago but I don’t care because it was a really good day.

Bentonville, AR Wedding

It was a simple, easy-going, half a weekend trip.

We woke up early to ride the bike trail, neglecting to map a route.
As is the Morris way.
I was all for this until we faced some massive hills on our way back.
Even as we were walking up our bikes up the mountain, sweat drenching, face flushed, I thought, “There is no other place I would rather be.”
I remember thinking this a lot while Josh and I were dating.
We’d be sitting at a restaurant or watching TV and I was perfectly content with just being there.
I wasn’t thinking about the budget. Or what we’re doing next. Or if the house is clean enough.
I was just soaking up time with my love.

And that’s what this weekend reminded me of.

We didn’t do anything spectacular.

Just riding bikes, walking around, visiting shops, drinking coffee, and attending a beautiful wedding.

Being there with my husband and enjoying the moment.