Things & Such // Vol. VII

“We’re afraid to lose what we love the most, and we hate that there are no guarantees. We think that not being grateful and not feeling joy will make it hurt less. We think if we can beat vulnerability to the punch by imagining loss, we’ll suffer less. We’re wrong. There is one guarantee:  If we’re not practicing gratitude and allowing ourselves to know joy, we are missing out on two things that will actually sustain us during the inevitable hard times.” (Yes.)

Road trips bring out the best in us, musically.

What kind of person is it that loves routine but not too much so every two weeks or so I need something to completely wreck my routine so I go back to loving it?
I’m guessing it’s the same type of person that still uses a day planner and asked for a PDA for Christmas as a kid. . .



Things & Such // Vol. VI

A thoughtful dress and a thoughtful note.
Best Thursday ever.

Trying out this advice for moments with Josh Morris:  “On date nights we dream together. Nothing is off limits.  Nothing too audacious.  Nothing is met with practicality.”
Repeating the last line frequently.   (Also, the term “date night” . . .)

Naps are not selfish.
(Say it again if you need to.)


Things & Such // Vol. V

Last week’s mole removal (Apple juice in a semi-reclining chair holding a bucket tally is now at three.) means I am over-researching sunscreens to never have that happen again.

This book is changing my life.

Doing thorough research for an upcoming trip by listening to this.
(In all seriousness, there are spreadsheets and Evernotes. Of course.)

Jotting down some love notes.  Follow along here.

Things & Such // Vol. IV

Botanical Trees

Josh has fully recovered from gallbladder surgery. Turns out that’s why he was so sick while we were in Nashville a whole year ago.

This post about prayer.  And praying God’s Word. Plus, their waiting/adoption story is incredible.

I’m starting a new job on Monday and I’m pretty sure this is a necessity.

My doctor prescribed yoga for me for my leg pains and possibly because of my high Kleenex and “I’m sorry I cry so much.” usage.

Because of the job transition I’ve had the past two weekdays off.  It’s impressive what these quiet days can do to restore my body and soul.

Things & Such // Vol. II

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If you must clean, blast this and open the windows.

Snapchat is like always having a friend with you when you’re trying on clothes.

Let’s not even talk about it.

Full discloser, J and I filed our taxes while watching Fuller House.
(He loved it way more than I did.)

I think that about covers it.

The sun is shining, the house is now (moderately) clean, and the pup is whining for a walk.

Happy Saturday!


Things & Such

Periscope.  Specifically Lara Casey, Nancy Ray, and Jess Connolly.

Verses App. Especially when my finger hovers over the “Instagram” icon.

This podcast series.  If you can’t listen to all six episodes, I would suggest “Part 5 – The Question at the Heart of Empire.”

Chicken & Dumplings for one. Almost as good as homemade.

And finally,


this picture my mom sent me.

Grandma, Dad, big sister and I in our backyard.