Gratitude 009

  1. Leftover blooms reminding me of the kindest weekend with friends and family.
  2. Sleeping (mostly) through the night and savoring every bit of it.
  3. Hints of warmer weather which allow for evening walks through the park.

Gratitude 008

  1. Easy Saturday mornings after hard weeks at work.
  2. Rain that makes you reconsider any plans you have of leaving the house.
  3. Feeling and watching Baby move, reminding me of this sweet gift.

Gratitude 005

  1. It wasn’t raining.
  2. I chose to get dressed before letting our pup back in the house. (And put my phone in my pocket.)
  3.  Grace and laughter from coworkers.


Today’s gratitude list is brought to you by . . .
Locking myself out of the house while my husband was out of town.

Gratitude 003

  1. Evening bike rides.
  2. Morning light through the bedroom window in our apartment.
  3. Interactions with strangers. The soon-to-be mom cutting my hair and the tired but grateful phlebotomist whose son, in his short life, has already survived cancer. These appointments are ones in which my preference would be to wear headphones. I’m grateful I didn’t.

Gratitude 001

  1. A job where I can spend over half of my day outside.
  2. A husband who remembers that we need to replace the drip pans and the lightbulbs.
  3. Stepping into bravery.  For the musts. But one day for the wants as well.