I was brought home from the hospital and spent eighteen years in the same home. My parents live in that home to this day.

College, naturally, brought a move each year.

And in the last almost five years of marriage we have lived in three different homes.

The everyday memories of the years are contained within the home and I do enjoy looking back with gratitude for where we’ve been and what the future might hold.


Our first apartment – all one room with a tiny bedroom on a closed college campus. Within a week of returning from our honeymoon, these two warmed our home with our wedding gifts. We celebrated Thanksgiving 2013 here, with my sister and brother-in-law, parents, and our friend Jacob who lived around the corner. Josh was working at the residential facility which meant he had to work that evening and my family graciously surrounded me with their presence on that holiday.


We spent one of the hardest years (2015) in the Nettleton apartment – many nights and days with the mattress pulled into the living room. Bringing our pup Millie home where she patrolled the apartment by barking at every passerby. Many walks to the snow cone stand down the street, walks around the block in spring weather, and one incident where the bottom of the popcorn popper was completely singed and Josh’s shirt was singed when left alone after gallbladder surgery. Sweetness and sadness will always be intermingled when I think of that apartment.


(Ok, I did make them pose for this picture Monday morning.)

Mom and Dad (and Heather and Timothy) came down for an icy weekend in Springfield. Two trips to our favorite coffee shop within two days, meals made in our kitchen and enjoyed around our table, and naps in the cozy chair.

We moved into the Loren Street house last June. And this June we will be snuggling our baby boy within the walls of this home.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this life that Josh and I share.




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