Twenty Seventeen

2017 (1)2017 (2)-2

This year was marked by several changes.
(In a way, most years are.)

I stepped back into teaching.

We moved out of our apartment and into the sweetest home.

We celebrated four years of marriage.
(And celebrated a lot of growth independently and together.)

Travelled across the pond.
(This one still makes me giddy!)

I let myself feel joy instead of rehearsing tragedy.
(One of the sweetest gifts.)

And practiced gratitude (imperfectly) instead of believing in scarcity.

While a blog post on the internet cannot hardly contain all of the day-to-day moments (and those too sacred) that make up a year – it’s really special to me to look back and see all the fruit that a year holds.

(And how can you resist a six year streak?)



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