Sunday Visits

Our laptop charger has been compromised by a small pup named Millie.  And because we have higher priorities this year we are learning to live without.  I mean, we both have iPhones and and iPad from J’s work.  So it’s not like we’re living in 2001 here but it has made us think outside the box some days.

Also, my Word document journal hasn’t been opened since the compromise so…my memories are being recorded through photographs on my phone and scattered words in my notebooks.

So what to do when you would like to remember really good days?

Maybe this is actually a good thing?

I’m really trying to put a positive spin on this.

So here goes.

A really good Sunday.

Weekly coffee shop reading with Josh before church.
Mom and Dad joining us at church.
Treating us to lunch at our favorite local Italian place.
Then making a library run so that my students will have Valentine books tomorrow.
A delicious afternoon snack of coffee and crepes.
And conversation that lasts past the crepes and coffee.
Driving around neighborhoods in Springfield.
Packing away the eggs, homemade bread, and books they brought for you.
Hugging goodbye.
Hugging goodbye again.
And then waving at the window.
And writing your next visit in your planner.

I loved my parents as a child.
I loved my parents (mostly) as a young adult.
But gosh do I love them now.

Also, it was their 29th anniversary.
And I’m pretty sure they get cuter every year.


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