This year I want to look back and remember that throughout all the sweet moments, new territory, chaos, and challenges, Jesus was near.



This year there was a lot less writing for public and a lot more writing in a Word document.

So there aren’t as many links to site.

And that’s ok.

We spent several weekends with family. Here’s just one to St. Louis.

And having all of our family together in Springfield for Josh’s graduation was a forever favorite moment.

Both of us transitioned into new jobs and then back into new jobs again.
Discovering and rediscovering where our talents and passions connect.
Floundering is ok.

Friends are a sweet gift.
Laughing with them late into the night or standing around humbling asking God to do big things is such a treasure.

Being outside.
Bike riding, camping, taking naps in the park.
Bike riding on the Katy Trail with my parents and bike riding through Springfield with friends.

We took a crash course in public transportation in Chicago.
And learned the balance of planning and spontaneity.

We celebrated three years of marriage in June.

And somehow read 11 books this year.

The most important lesson of this year is one that I’m sure I will continue to learn year after year.

That it’s ok to ask big things from God.
That it’s ok to tell him when it doesn’t go our way.
And that trusting God doesn’t mean that the chaos goes away.

But that I can rest knowing that His love is deep.

Worry is fruitless.

And that times of anxiousness can be redirected to times of worship.

There was so much change that came in 2016 for the Morrises.

Too much to write down.
And honestly, some just too personal for this space.
The older I get and the more “life” just happens the more protective I become on this space.

But looking back the one thing I want to remember is that Jesus was near.
And, of course, for your viewing pleasure…


I’m kind of fond of these year end posts.


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