Podcast Roll

Podcasts and I are no strangers.
It’s a running joke in our family that if a certain member mentions a podcast reference more than a few times in a day they have to add quarters to a hypothetical “Podcast Reference Jar”.  Dad is infamous for adding quarters by stating,  “Yesterday on Marketplace…”

Driving back and forth from college I would burn CDs with this church’s podcast before I knew how to download them on my iPod Nano.

Nowadays I listen while getting ready for work or doing chores around the house.  I am not an auditory learner so I’ve discovered that I can’t do podcasts with too much “heavy listening”.  Most of them are light, funny, and conversational. If I’m going to be jumping into something deep I would need a notebook and a pen.


My current favorites in order of obsession, mostly.

1. Question of the Day  Short, funny, enlightening.

2. Shailey & Katie – I stumbled upon this podcast through Instagram and have been laughing ever since.  Craziest part? They’re Springfield gals.

3. RELEVANT – This is a Saturday morning staple in the Morris household.  Sometimes I lack self-control and listen early.  Honestly, the first 30-45 minutes of round table style talking is my favorite and we usually stop listening for the interviews.

4. FiveThirtyEight Elections – This is one I was a bit obsessed with throughout the primaries (the other one is the NPR Politics one) but now they’re running a “Kitchen Table Politics” series that I’m really enjoying.

5. Invisibilia  – This is new on my list so I’ve only listened a few weeks but the topics have been very thought provoking so far.

6. Awesome Etiquette – This one annoys Josh the most.  And sometimes the hosts are so polite that it’s annoying.  But I find it interesting.  I was a kid who read etiquette books for fun though so keep that in mind.

7. Freakenomics – I’ve listened to this one for over 3 years and still can’t stop.

8. Modern Love – This isn’t a regular download for me but if I’m going for an evening walk with Millie it’s perfect.

9 . The RobCast  – Again, not a regular download, but every once in a while a series or interview guest will peak my interest.  Specifically:  Learning to Lament and Politics and Guns.

10. Serial – Yep.

Honorable Mentions:  Stuff You Should Know, The Art of Manliness, and The Influence Podcast.


What are you listening to these days?


2 thoughts on “Podcast Roll

  1. Ooh, this post came at just the right time! I’ve been doing a lot of solo driving this summer and listening to podcasts has made my drives SO much more bearable. I’ll have to check these out! Lately, I’ve been listening to Young House Love’s podcast, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey (loooove this one!), and I just found Annie F. Downs has a podcast as well as the Influence Podcast, too.


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