04.16.16 (1)

This week is Josh’s final week of undergraduate work.
The cap and gown are hanging in our bedroom.
The family arrives Thursday.

We’ve been in this awkward stage of life for almost three years where I’ve been out of school and he’s still a married college kid.  I’ve been at my “grown up” job for over two years and all the while he’s been at his college job.  That puts us in different, yet the same stages of life.

I’m settled.

He’s just on the cusp of a new reality.

The bias that our differing personalities bring punctuates those realities well.

His “college job” actually brings in a substantial portion of our income.
He’s seasoned, educated, and vital to that institution.

Yet the job also holds a lot of weight and stress that to be honest, Josh is really great at handling.

But it’s not what he’s passionate about.

So in true Morris fashion, this week has brought up lots of conversation (and number crunching) on what it looks like to pursue our passions.
It’s pretty safe to say that whatever his next job ends up being, it will mean a pay cut.

But it will also mean seeing my husband’s eyes light up with excitement.
Watching him squirm in his seat because he just can’t sit still.
Also, actually seeing my husband more than two days a week.

Hopefully it means an understanding and fair employer.
That work will be hard but good for him.

I’m not so good at risk myself.
With the option of risk or safety, I choose safety.
I’ll take the 9 to 5 desk job with a retirement plan, please.

But Josh is the complete opposite.
And I love that I get to be the one encouraging him to take the leap.


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