Twenty Sixteen

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1. Hold Jesus as my treasure

Spend time in prayer and being still before God, substantial time reading and meditating on God’s Word, memorize a section of Scripture each month, worship and be in communion with our local church body.

2. Work hard for a strong body

Eat foods that are good for my body, be well rested, stay hydrated, exercise consistently, be flexible with medical treatment needed.

3. Plant and grow solid friendships

Show up for others, encourage and pray for the people God has placed in my life, be vulnerable with others.

4. Love my husband well

Surprise him with gifts, be spontaneous, pray daily for him, take two trips – just the two of us, maintain a clean home to serve his needs.

5. Steward the money we have been given wisely

Weed out waste, maintain and grow our “emergency” fund, begin saving for big trips, overpay on student loans

6. Cultivate creativity

Write – journal or blog, take one challenging photography workshop, and capture memories.

7. Enjoy my work and students

Pray for my students, families, and co-workers, and hug or high-five each of my students every day.

8. Read 10+ books

Spend more time reading, less time mindlessly scrolling. I have a working list of new books and ones I’d like to revisit.  I am also looking forward to joining in on this book club for a few books.

Just for fun:  2015‘s goals.  Which were surprisingly successful.


5 thoughts on “Twenty Sixteen

  1. I want every. single. one of these goals for my own, especially number 7. I don’t pray nearly as much for my kiddos and families as I should be and now I know it’s a goal I need to start turning into a habit and routine. Thanks for the inspiration, lovely! 🙂


    1. Yes, it has actually been the hardest to turn into a habit/routine. You know the struggle – there are so many other things to form into our routine that some things just get pushed to the bottom of the list. STILL! I think it is so important and invaluable to be praying for our kiddos and their families. Thanks for the sweet words, as always. 🙂


  2. Number 1…YES. I didn’t include the community/church body part in my blog post (although I wish I had!), but it’s definitely something I need and want to make a priority.

    Happy 2016! Have a blessed year.


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