Last Friday Night

Last Friday night.
As in, ahem, last night.

It was just a normal Friday night.
Celebratory end-of-the-week Chipotle.
(I pretty only eat two types of “fast food” these days:  Chipotle and Sonic’s Honey BBQ wings.)
Watching late 80’s psychology documentaries on YouTube, wet hair in a towel, postponing drying my hair, while waiting for the Josh Morris to get home from work.
Time for a nice cup of hot chocolate for something sweet to end the day with.
(As if the one (and a half) donuts at work weren’t enough sweets for the day…)

I flip on the kettle and settle back on the couch waiting for the sweet sound of the kettle to go off.
My eyes quickly look up as I hear a loud alarm going off.
“Something must be going on throughout the entire apartment complex.” was my first thought.
Then, “Is that sound coming from our smoke detectors?”

I look over to the stove and there is smoke everywhere.  Smoke filling basically the entire apartment except for the living area where I was sitting.
“No, dummy, that’s the popcorn pan about to explode. Do something!”
I quickly turned off the burner, realizing that I had in fact turned on the burner for last week’s popcorn instead of the burner for the now out of the question hot chocolate.

I panicked.

What was it that you’re supposed to do for a grease fire.
Pour flour on it?
Smother it right?
All those fire talks came back, “DO NOT PUT WATER ON A GREASE FIRE!”

I opened up all the doors turned on the ceiling fans and (gently) threw Millie into her kennel in case we needed to escape.  Clearly, I had my priorities in order.

There was no fire, thankfully, I was just mentally preparing myself for walking down the corridor of our apartment complex to bust open the lone fire extinguisher while wearing my pajamas, hair in a towel, and Siri on the phone responding to my pleas for what to put on a grease fire. She was absolutely worthless with the smoke detectors blaring.

After a few (stressful) minutes the smoke had started the clear.  The alarm was silenced.  The stove was calming, although reeked of burnt vegetable oil and aluminum.  While on the phone with my mom (I tried calling the fire department first, but no one answered) discussing if there was a possibility it could still cause a fire I picked up my precious popcorn pan which was not only a sweet wedding gift from a dear friend, but also the provider of many dinners, was completely bottomless.  The entire area of the burner had melted down the thin aluminum onto the blazing hot burner.  I wanted to cry but had to laugh.

If all the has come of this silly (and terrifying) blunder is a ruined popcorn pan, I will count that as a blessing and a lesson learned.

And the fire extinguisher from Amazon will be here in 3-5 business days.

Happy weekend, and may you be scared (just enough) into finally doing what your husband has gently reminded you to do for weeks.


2 thoughts on “Last Friday Night

  1. I did this once. Only I accidentally turned on the wrong burner that happened to have a wicker basket sitting on top of it…Really, I blame my mom – who puts a fruit basket on the stove!? I did cause a fire and burned up our stovetop, microwave, and half the kitchen floor. Sometimes boiling water is the hardest thing. Thankfully, no one was harmed in the making of my ramen 😉


    1. Oh my!
      But really, a fruit basket!

      I just know that for the rest of my life I am going to be known as “The Girl Who Tells Everyone To Not Put Anything On The Stove” because, you know, “One time…”

      I’ve been having fire panics from this incident (“Did I reallllyyyyy turn the curling iron off?!?!?” even thought I’ve checked it twice) I can’t imagine the stress of a real life FIRE! How do you do it?!?! 😉


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