Currently | Vol. V


CREATING //   A game plan for this upcoming school year.  My new students start next Thursday and it is so bittersweet. I’m savoring every hug with my current students and encouraging their Kindergarten excitement all while planning for the new ones.

WISHLISTNG //  This hoop. As if I need one more thing to go un-hung in our house.  Also, I’m thinking my cold weather hobby is going to involve some embroidery floss.

HOPING //  for cooler weather. That was the simplest answer I could give. Really, I’m hoping for a lot of things. It would take entirely too much time. Let’s get coffee.

EATING // All the fruits and veggies.  After eating out on vacation we are ready for some real food. I bought a green bottle of juice at the grocery store yesterday. What is this?

WATCHING // Gilmore Girls. Again. It gets better every time. Also, Max is wonderful and Dean is a whiny baby. Darn you Christopher! Ok, really, who doesn’t love him?


What are you up to these days?


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7 thoughts on “Currently | Vol. V

  1. Oh Gilmore Girls – I think I’ll add that to my netflix list of things to watch 🙂 I loved it! Stopping by from Anne & Jenna’s link up – have a great day!


  2. I told my mom next time I come home I want her to teach me to embroider! Just so I can make cute (and very necessary) things that that hoop! I love that.


  3. That photo is too cute. And much as I love trying new restaurants, I’m always the same way with the fruits and veggies after vacation. Time for some green stuff!


  4. So do y’all get a summer break or do y’all do year-round schooling? I’m a teacher too and just started back to a new year teaching after summer break. It’s hard to get back into the swing of things!

    I’ve been craving lots of fresh fruits and veggies, too! I think it’s the heat and knowing everything is so fresh right now!


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