Goals // July


Each day holding June’s To-Do list was maxed out and I rarely went to bed before 12. It was a busy one that’s for sure. Traveling, planning a graduation, and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. Fun and full – that was June. And hot and rainy. Yuck.

Let’s move onto July.
Since it is halfway over already.

July Goals

1.  Rest After a busy June, I am needing some time to just do nothing. To stop being busy and to spend time reading and praying.

2. Share Meals Whether it’s sharing meals with Josh or with friends, just gathering together with others.

3. Enjoy Vacation We are headed to Nashville at the end of the month and I can’t help but plan out all the good food we’re going to eat. Priorities, people.

That’s all.
Three goals.

How are your goals coming along, friends?


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