Two spiders have been spotted in our shower.  Reinforcing my desire to shower more than twice a week.  Yikes. I started a mini-trend in my classroom called, “Bun Girls”.  I match one student one time with a messy bun and it spreads like wildfire.  Oops.  Sorry to all the moms that came home with messy hair from Ms. Rachel’s attempt at simply styling five year old hair after nap time.

Next year I won’t be doing hair.  I’ll be wrangling 8 boys and 2 girls opposed to my 7 girls, 3 boys.
People, I’m terrified.
My first nightmare happened the other night.
It was madness.
And there I was, the teacher in tears (again).

So here I am, savoring every last little minute with these kids.
Remembering to laugh with them.
And be kind.

But tomorrow, on my random Wednesday off, I will just be resting.
And going to the dentist.
Because it’s time.
Two years.
My current estimation of cavities is a solid 5.
One I can pretty much see.
Hence, dentist appointment.

Wish me luck.
(hands-over-eyes-monkey emoji)


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