Over a year ago Josh sweetly gifted me with a Canon T3 DSLR camera.
It spent a lot of quality time in the camera bag.
And on auto.
Then for Christmas J noticed a photography class I mentioned.
He bought it.
And I neglected it for a solid 3 months.
Have I mentioned I have a fear of trying and failing?
Then I couldn’t stay off of it.
I read and re-read the lessons and finally switched it to “manual”.
The mixture of precision and freedom is what keeps drawing me back to taking photographs of daily life.
It’s not that my life is particularly interesting.
Actually, I’d say it’s quite the opposite.
{And if I happen to do something remotely exciting, I’m surely not packing my camera around – that would mean people would look at me.}
I like practicing.
I like refining.
And seeing progress.
And honestly, I love seeing perfection too.
But dwelling on how imperfect my amateur photographs are isn’t life giving.
It doesn’t make me thankful.
It makes me envious.
Celebrating the progress – now that’s life giving.
I will be the first to admit that I in no way {shape or form} think my skills are up to par with those that have been pursuing this passion for weeks, months, years, and even decades.
One would never assume a Little League player could hit with the Major Leagues.
{In case I haven’t been clear – Rach = First Year Little League}
But I like this taking pictures thing.
It’s fun.
And life giving.
That’s about all I know.
And that’s ok.

If this post hasn’t given you whip-lash already, here is another one that pretty much sums up my thoughts.

“The minute you develop a shadow of a skill, people will ask you, What are you going to do with it? Where do you think this will take you? How much are you charging? How are you going to use this skill (for monetary gain)?”
-excerpt from Seriously, Don’t Read This by Meg Bird.


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