I did not limit social media.
I did take a few pictures.
And I think we took one solid bike ride.


1. Moderately exercise at least two times per week.
I cancelled my gym membership.
You all are shocked, I’m sure.
I’m not.
Any YouTube suggestions out there?
I’m somewhere between Jillian Michaels and a 90-year-old-Grandma.
I’ll let you decide.
2. Prepare for Pre-K Graduation
My nine little loves are leaving for Kindergarten in just a few short months.
Last year I was absolutely dreading graduation.
Because it meant I had to talk in front of a moderately large group of people.
This year I’m dreading it because:
a.) It means that saying goodbye is close.
b.) Crying is inevitable.
3. Spend one evening taking pictures.
I’ve been getting into the nitty-gritty of photography.
And I’m really enjoying it.
I love the practice and process and have really enjoyed seeing a little bit of (amateur) progress.
4. Lean towards making more wholesome meals.
It’s been frozen pizza city here for a few weeks.
Josh’s work schedule has changed which means for the first time in our married lives he is home every single weeknight
It’s awesome.
But it also might be why I’m hiding out in the bedroom on a Friday night…
All this to say, I need to cook again.
What’s one of your goals for the month?


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