April has already been a sweet month.
It started with celebrating a good friend’s birthday and a three day weekend full of simple rest.
March was a full month and April is looking the same.
So I’ll keep it simple.
Because the month is already almost over.
Grace > Perfection
April Goals
1.  Evening Walks & Bike Rides with Josh Morris

2.  Start photography project
It’s no longer pitch black when I wake up in the morning so it’s finally time to get this started. 

3. Continue to limit Social Media & TV
This has been a fun one actually.  I could lie and say, “I never realized how much I was on it!” But really, I know.  I know that every time I have to wait more than five seconds the phone comes out and up pops Instagram.  The last week of March I deleted the Facebook and Instagram (and Pinterest – gasp) and it was so much easier than I thought.


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