The husband is sick.
He’s never sick.
In our almost two years of marriage he’s never been sick for more than an hour.
Turns out he likes grilled cheese when he’s sick.
And Ramen.
Two things I realized (as I was trying to make them) I have no idea how to make.
Also, two of the simplest things.
So many questions though.
Do you break the noodles up first?
Do you put butter in the pan or butter on the toast?
I hope he feels better soon so we can go back to eating tacos every night.

5 thoughts on “GRILLED CHEESE

  1. I could probably eat grilled cheese everyday of my life and be perfectly content. That being said, I can make a pretty rocking grilled cheese sandwich.
    I actually use mayo instead of butter (it adds more flavor). I put it on the outside of the bread then throw the whole sandwich in the hot pan. If your cheese isn't melting, it probably means the pan is too hot. Lowering the temp will allow your cheese to melt before you burn the bread. But if I'm feeling impatient, I just crank the heat to get the bread done quick then through it the microwave for a couple of seconds…cheating, I know, but it works too.
    As far as ramen, I can't really offer any suggestions. I struggle with it too.


  2. My favorite way to make grilled cheese is by melting butter in the microwave and brushing it on both sides of the bread. The best way to insure a good melted cheese is to use the right kind of cheese–aka don't use the packaged stuff. It takes forever to melt and isn't as gooey and delicious. But as for Josh–I'm 100% sure his momma used the packaged stuff so it's probably what he likes when he's sick. BAHA!


  3. Yes, you're way sounds delicious.

    I asked Josh what cheese to use (my momma always used Velveeta) and his reply was, “The regular kind.” So…yea. That's what I was working with. 😉


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