DREAMING //  Of a snow day tomorrow.  Err…today?   

PLANNING //  Always.  But mostly our weekend trip to Alabama.

MAKING //  Lists.  So many lists. I need a list for all my lists.

BAKING //  Break and bake chocolate chip cookies. Pillsbury wins.

WATCHING // The Office for the millionth time.  And thinking, “Will I ever get tired of this?”

What are you up to?
Can one watch too much Office?


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12 thoughts on “CURRENTLY | VOL. 2

  1. A list for all your lists. haha it's so true! And also, no. I don't think you can ever watch too much of The Office. I'm watching it again myself! Every time I watch it over again I notice something new. It's just good writing. That never gets old.


  2. So, The Office. I used to love that show, and I still do enjoy it. But I actually worked for an employer who WAS The Office. Like, for real it was like being on that show sometimes. After that, I lost my taste for the show as much. It's not as funny when it's actually happening to you!

    But I love what you said about needing a list for your lists. That is totally me!


  3. Lists are THE best. Always and forever. In fact, I make so many lists I know that I keep Post-It in business. 🙂

    And snow days would be lovely–did you end up with any this week?

    p.s. The Office is so good. I miss it SO much now that you mention it!


  4. Post-Its are EVERYWHERE in my classroom. 😉

    We ended up having a snow day Thursday – even though most of the ice/snow action was Wednesday. I'll take it though! 🙂

    And it really is SO GOOD!


  5. Oh my goodness! That is hilarious. Probably not while you were working there but looking back you have a great story. 🙂 You're so right – it's funny to watch but not to actually be there.


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