My thought throughout February was:  “This month is almost over. I give up on goals.”
Although looking back I actually accomplished all of my goals.
I talked to two neighbors – we even bonded with one because of a snow shovel and pet-safe ice melt.
We went on a Valentine’s Date – practically all day.
And I was able to work on 2 DSLR classes.
Here’s to making March just a little more challenging, huh?
March Goals

1. Limit TV and Social Media
Ever since I’ve been trying to discipline myself to stop the morning scroll through Instagram and Facebook it’s been good to the soul. TV is where I’ve been failing. I use it to pass the time. Especially when Josh is working in the evenings. I don’t like my time and focus being on TV and feel like this is slowly affecting my attitude and outlook. Not exactly what I want influencing my life.  The good news is I get to choose what my time is spent on! Even though it doesn’t seem like it after a long day at work. 
2.  Simplify Wardrobe
I did this last fall but as we swing into spring (har, har) I want to go through my closet again and get rid of some pieces I never wear.  I’ve been planning here and have already made a few purchases.  I’ve also come to terms with the fact that I love white, grey, and black. I try to force myself to buy color and those clothes end up sitting in my closet. Useless. I’m buying monochrome.
My goal is to have more wearable pieces in my closet instead of a few that I love and wear all the time and several I hate. I’ve spent a lot of “research” time on this site in case you were interested.
3. Get the ball rolling on a “new” car.
Yea, that.
4. Continue building relationships with neighbors.
Talking, serving, etc.
5. Wake up early.
I didn’t do so well with this in February. 
{See line #1}
I’m hoping March brings warmer weather and goodness gracious, no more snow.
What are your goals for March?


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14 thoughts on “MARCH GOALS

  1. I really love that you do these goals. I keep thinking about doing them myself, but I have never been great at keeping goals. But maybe this is the month! And I completely understand the simplifying the wardrobe thing. I had just started doing that when my belly decided to grow a human in it. But as soon as this little cutie is born, it's back to simplifying! 🙂


  2. These posts are one of my favorites to write – even though I typically don't “achieve” half of them!
    The planner in me just likes to have some sort of vision for how I spend my days.

    And I can see how a tiny human would disrupt a simplified wardrobe. 😉

    So excited for you by the way! 🙂


  3. I can only imagine!
    I love quiet mornings spent with coffee, Jesus, and prayer.

    And sadly, I haven't found a “replacement”! It was very tempting to turn the TV on this afternoon – even awkward to not have the noise!


  4. AMEN to colorless wardrobes! I used to force myself to buy color as well. And then never wore it. I do like earthy, muted color I've found. But it's perfectly okay to wear neutrals, I think! It looks put together and polished. So good for you. Why are wardrobe projects so fulfilling?


  5. I don't have a specific goal for this month, but Jordan and I are starting on house stuff (buying a house, that is), so maybe a goal is to move forward on that process. There's so much to it!


  6. It's something that has really challenged me!
    I typically just try to walk with my head down but I've been working on at least saying, “Hi!” each time I see them.

    Good luck! 🙂


  7. I have been working a lot on the social media thing, too. We don't have a tv which I am super thankful for because I know I'd let it eat up my time!

    Also, just moved into a new neighborhood and I love that one of your goals is to continue building relationships with your neighbors. I want to make this a priority as well!


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