the photographs

one // On our lazy, snowy, Saturday I had some time set aside to fill out the end of the month journal prompts. It’s my favorite part – seeing how the Lord has worked through the month.

two // Our church was cancelled because of the snow Sunday so we went with our friends to theirs. And stopped by the only open coffee shop – Starbucks.

three // Sunday night we had a few friends over to play Catan. My heart is so full with friends around our table! We have a tradition of having the winner sign the box. Β I’ll let you guess who has signed the most. πŸ˜‰ (Me.)

No finds this week.
Honestly because it’s 10:00 Sunday night and I really want to go to bed to get back in the swing of waking up early this month.
If you’d like to read more about honesty – check out this postΒ or this one by the Morris Momma.

How was your weekend?


7 thoughts on “WEEKENDERS | 3.1.15

  1. Fun! We play board games too! We have so many other fun ones that we rarely play catan anymore! But we do have a score board where we right scores and names and fun things like that! We call it our wall of fame!


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