WEEKENDERS | 02.23.15

the pictures.

one // My parents visited us for the weekend so board games were played. Of course. Millie was completely worn out from all the loving she received from Mom and Dad.

two // We also took them to the “bean to bar” chocolate factory in town. (Springfield has a chocolate factory! Coolest city ever.) I’ll be eating this for days. Plus, fun fact, Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess are also Springfield residents.  Extra cool points.

three // Right now a few friends are over and we’re watching the Oscar’s.  And I’m making a list of all the movies we need to see apparently.

the finds.

one // I mentioned to my Dad that we are in need of a massive bookshelf for our ever-growing library.  He suggested we make our own the next time we are down.  I’m thinking this shelving unit needs to happen.  Dad’s are so crafty. I’ve also been working towards reworking my Pinterest boards to work more as inspiration AND project plans so that I can actually get things done instead of just mindlessly pin.

two //  I’ve been bookmarking (a.k.a. Pinterest Wish Listing…) a few tops from Everlane. I love their mission and this review was super helpful with sizing questions.

three // I’ve also been soaking up everything on this minimalism site.

What was the best part of your weekend?
Do you have any fun facts about your hometown?


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7 thoughts on “WEEKENDERS | 02.23.15

  1. So I've been begging Adam to build us some bookshelves in our new house, and those piped shelves are totally what I picked out! I love the openness of the shelves and the rawness of the materials.


  2. I love dark chocolate, but have not tried with toasted coconuts. I love ABM, I have been following them since '12, do you use their app? So awesome. I have been to Springfield once, loved the BBQ. If you are ever in Seattle, make sure to do somethings on my photo scavenger hunt list on the blog. My weekend wasn't long enough, but it was a blessing.



  3. It's amazing! I've been eating it with almonds and dried cranberries – so good. Yes! I just used the PartyParty app to make a GIF for my classroom! It was hilarious.

    We actually visited Seattle for a few days last summer!
    I so wish I had known about your scavenger hunt!
    I think we ended up doing a few – gum wall, first Starbucks, Dick's, and the Jimmy Hendrix just because of the tourist aspect and knowing a few “locals” helped us a ton!

    I'm definitely saving your list for future reference though! 🙂


  4. Great you enjoyed my city, hope it didn't rain too much for you. I am so homesick. I live in Michigan now and it is beautiful in it's own way. Have a blessed weekend, looking forward to more post.


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