I’ve been hiding this in the desk drawer as to not peek before Lent.
It was rough, people.

I’m a fan of beautiful artwork and hand lettering.
But this booklet is so much more.
It’s a tool made by Gospel loving people to spur you on to love and chase after Christ.
To watch, walk, and wonder at Him – finding us at the victory of Easter.

I didn’t grow up participating in Lent.
In fact I hadn’t even heard of the term until I started attended a Catholic school, although we weren’t even Catholic – explaining my ignorance.
So I grew familiar with Fish Fry’s and cheese pizza served on Fridays, and how ridiculously painful it is to give up soda for 40 days.
And that ends my knowledge of Lent.
But hey, I now love a good fish fry.

I never thought about this season for intentionally preparing our hearts and minds for the death, burial, and beautiful resurrection of Jesus.
To wait and watch expectant of the Redeemer’s victory over sin and death.

To not solely give up, but to gain Jesus.

How do you prepare for the Easter season?
And, of course, have you ever been to a fish fry? 😉
(P.S. You can purchase the printable version of this booklet for only 12 bucks!)
(P.P.S. And then we can chat all about it!)

4 thoughts on “FOLLOW

  1. I've seen the Follow devotionals everywhere on Instagram lately but never really looked into it until just now. The handlettering is definitely beautiful! 🙂

    I also love what you said about Lent. Like you, I didn't really think too much about it until just recently (thanks to your post and SheReadsTruth). I associated that time with giving up soda and chocolate but never really thought about it in terms of preparing my heart for death and resurrection and Jesus. I'm definitely excited to learn more about this season and what it means for me in the coming weeks! 🙂


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