WEEKENDERS | 02.16.15

the photographs.

one // J and I attended this marriage conference on Friday and we absolutely loved it. It’s something that has already shaped our marriage and how we will talk about dating/marriage with our (future) children.  My favorite “take away” from the night was how Chandler explains the difference between a contract and a covenant – contract says, “You exist for my joy.” where covenant says, “I exist for yours and I’m not going anywhere.” Oh, and being an expert in your spouse’s strengths.  Something I’m pretty sure this one mentioned in her Matron-of-Honor speech almost two years ago. 😉

two // Car ride to our Valentine lunch. The boy asked around for a local place to take me and it was perfect. He is an expert in his wife that’s for sure.

three // Tea bar for her, barbecue for him, perfect day for both.

four // Millie needed a Valentine’s treat too. We took her to PetSmart for a new toy and then let her snuggle in the bed with us to watch a movie.

the finds.

one // I heard about this neighborhood on NPR.  Then told Josh, “We’re moving!”

two // We’re trying this out because we love snackage and “good” snacks are expensive.

three // Buying this with my allowance.

How was your weekend?
What are you looking forward to this week?
I’m looking forward to getting our taxes filed.
The great debate over TurboTax, H&R Block, and hiring a professional has stewed in our brain for over a week.
It’s time.
I’m leaning towards H&R Block’s online option just because I really don’t want to spend $300 for someone to do it.
I suppose I’m also looking forward to my parent’s visit on Saturday. 😉
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