HEARTING // These twin babies. They’re cute just because…babies. But the story behind the arrival of these two is just incredible and inspiring. Plus, their momma makes a killer planner.

READING //  Amy Poehler’s Yes, Please 

PINNING //  New meals to try. 

EATING //  Failed meals. (See above.) Baked Taco Nasty was for dinner last night. Covered with foil, stuck in the fridge and destined to be thrown away untouched three weeks later. Yep.

ANTICIPATING //  So many things.  Two weeks of Professional Development Fridays making four day work weeks, an Alabama trip, and the Weeks visit to SGF! 


Spill.  What’s your go-to meal?
I’m desperate for something healthy, fast, and most importantly – delicious.
{And honestly delicious > healthy}


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12 thoughts on “CURRENTLY | VOL. 1

  1. Two weeks of professional development Fridays???? So jealous. 🙂 Enjoy them! That's one of the things I wish we had more of around here.

    And I need to get my hands on that Amy Poehler book. I've seen a lot of her quotes online (aka Pinterest, haha) and I've loved what she has to say!


  2. Yes! This Friday's is a CPR training so that won't be as great as next week's. PD days are one of my favorite! I love talking teaching.

    I've loved reading through it! And really – I just love her. 🙂


  3. Love pinning meals, too! I have tons of delicious ideas….but healthy? Not so much. I could use more delicious AND healthy recipes! One of my favorite semi healthy meals is Pioneer Woman's Steak Salad recipe. MmmM!


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