It’s time again for some monthly goals. 
I seriously love these posts.
Have I mentioned that yet?
But I do.
I love reading other people’s goals and setting my own.
January’s goals (found here) were dominated.
(Fist bump emoji here.)
Let’s move on, shall we?
February Goals

1.  Talk to one neighbor.
I’m a terrible neighbor. A head down, get to the door as fast as possible, neighbor. I’m ready to change that. I have an ok feel of the people that live around us.  As in none of them give off the, “I will murder you” vibe. This writer’s comment (about a time we were almost neighbors but wouldn’t have even known it because we both wouldn’t have introduced ourselves) reminded me that neighboring is important. Also, I love people.  But I need serious lessons in small talk.  

3. Complete 2 DSLR lessons.
Josh gifted me with this class for Christmas and so far I’ve completed about five lessons. I love the format of the class – it’s self paced so I don’t feel overwhelmed when I’m a thousand days behind schedule.  But it’s just also incredibly useful. Also, I will forever buy anything A Beautiful Mess produces. The end.
4. Plan a date with Josh Morris.
It is Valentine’s month after all! Right? The Josh Morris is not a holiday person. But we’ve decided on a nice dinner and maybe movie in? We’ll see.


What are your goals for the month?
Any big Valentine’s day plans?


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7 thoughts on “FEBRUARY GOALS

  1. That's so funny! After our little conversation, #1 is totally one of my goals as well. We just moved (again!) this past weekend, so I really want to make an effort to know my new neighbors. I was thinking of making cookies for them too. It might not happen this month, but it'll totally be a goal for March!


  2. Rachel! It is so wonderful to hear your goals — meeting neighbors is SUPER hard — I'm an extrovert, and unless they are too, I get self-conscious that maybe I'm invading their personal privacy or something weird. Lies. One word I am working on this year is to be more BOLD — I encourage you to get past those awkward stages and start building community 🙂 I can't wait to hear how it goes! I love the layout of your goals, and your blog for that matter! Thank you so much for connecting and linking up!
    ~Andrea || Mitchael Journey


  3. That's so crazy how our minds work!
    I'm always afraid of interrupting someone's day or seeming like a creep. (Eeek! I know!)
    We are slowly squeaking through the awkward stage right now with a few. This basically means mustering enough courage to say, “Hey, how's it going?”. Baby steps. 🙂


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