WEEKENDERS | 02.02.15

the photographs.

one // J’s parents came into town so Friday night we played Settlers.  Not just regular Settlers. Settlers with the Cities and Knights expansion.  While J was explaining the rules I couldn’t help laughing because this Parks and Rec. bit was running through my head.  Sorry J.

two // Before playing Settlers we took J’s parents out for coffee.  Which came in handy because it took 4 hours to play that stinking game.

three // Sunday morning tradition.  Coffee stop before church.

four // Thankful that our church values authenticity. And just loads of thankfulness for that place and those people in general.

the finds.

one // Have you heard of this class from A Beautiful Mess? I bought it.  And I cannot wait to get started!

two // I have started my own little notebook of ideas thanks to this post on organization.

three // This article from The Village Church Blog.  “Don’t just teach your kids about the Lord, but show them what it looks like to know Him.” Thinking and praying through how this can happen with my students.

How was your weekend?
What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this week?


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