Last week I read two great articles (here and here) relating to this slow blogging “trend” and it’s been rolling around in my brain ever since.
Lately I’ve found myself slowly unfollowing blogs that over-produce sponsored posts.  Our world is saturated in consumerism and reading those posts leaves me drained instead of encouraged. I’d much rather spend my (hopefully limited) screen time reading posts that encourage their readers and inviting them to join in the conversation. To talk about things that matter – like honesty, humility, and pursuing joy in the rough or mundane days. Authors that push me towards Christ rather than towards the newest trinket I just “have to have”.
There’s plenty of space on the internet for trinkets and all the things your money can buy.
But this space on the internet is for me and for you.
I promise to share my stories.
The sweet moments and the not-so-pretty ones.
To encourage you.
To point you to Christ.
I promise to produce authentic content.
This might not mean posting every day (or even every other day) but it does mean posting what matters most.
To leave the advertising to the corporations.
But to support brands that are producing authentic content.
So, why do you write?
What do you think about “slow blogging”?

11 thoughts on “WHY DO YOU WRITE?

  1. Love this! I wholeheartedly agree, and I've found myself doing the same. I've stopped ready some of those blogs that have a million things screaming for my attention and I've started to find and follow more quality, heart-warming, inspiring writers.
    As far as writing, I do it mostly for myself. It really helps me process whatever's going on in my head. And when I share it with the public, it's in hopes that someone else might find it helpful too.
    Thank you for your writing!


  2. I totally hear you on this! I don't mind the occasional sponsored post and whatnot but I really prefer the day to day writing and encouragement and tips! I write to share things on my heart, share tips of things that I've found effective, and I write because it's a space for me to be creative and a productive way to spend my time 🙂


  3. Yes! I've found a newfound blog love after getting back to reading encouraging stories rather than a long advertisement.
    And I am right there with you for why you write.
    Have you checked out Dearest Love, The Tiny Twig, or In Its Time?
    I think you'd really like them!

    Also, Josh just told me ya'll lived at Boyd when we were there. How were we not friends? 😉


  4. I just started reading In Its Time through a post you shared. I've really enjoyed it! I'll have to check out the others.

    We did live in Boyd, but I think we moved out right after you all moved in. And I am really bad at meeting my neighbors (something I'm working on correcting). But I totally wish that I would've just gone and introduced myself 🙂


  5. Okay, so you are once again hitting the nail on the head with your posts. 🙂

    I loooove that you said and admitted that you've been unfollowing blogs that have sponsored content. I have found myself doing the same but felt bad saying it (so I'm glad I'm not alone!). As much as I get why bloggers are doing that, I really need more real life, real faith, and real honesty in my life. I need authenticity and I think it's so admirable that you're filling every part of your life with that–including your blog reading.

    My blog-reading time has been dwindling lately and I think that's why I've found myself having to change what blogs I actually read. So thank YOU for being one that I can and will read and keep tabs on!


  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! Authentic content is what I'm all about! I have decided to write a post when I feel like it truly matters. Like it could encourage someone else. Thank you for sharing your heart on this topic, Rachel!


  7. I sooo agree! We don't need more “stuff”, we need more healing, more freedom from the past, more truth! That's why I write — why I need to write — to lead others out of the prison of shame and guilt (the same prison I was once in!) to the truth of God's grace and Jesus' sacrifice because it was enough, it was more than enough!
    Thanks for this beautiful reminder Rachel 🙂


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