One of my January goals is to wake up earlier.
Towards the end of 2014 I was waking up at 7 and leaving by 7:40 to be at work by 8.
This left me feeling tired, rushed, and just plain grumpy.
But I knew that the times I chose to skip the alarm, skip the skimming through Instagram feed, and just wake up, my days were different.  It’s hard to say wether or not I was “more productive” but you know, I’d do it just for the feeling of not being rushed and to squeeze a few more minutes into my day.
Here’s a peek into how I have been working my morning routine with the hopes that it can encourage you to start your own.
One–Resist the Snooze
Two alarms (instead of seven).  One for 5:45, one for 6:00.  I’m hoping to eliminate the first alarm and just wake up with one.  Getting out of bed (or sitting up at least) as soon as the alarm goes off helps too.  
Turn on the kettle for hot tea.  Or start the coffee pot. I’ve been trying to avoid coffee Monday-Thursday then treat myself to a to-go coffee on Friday mornings.  I live for treats.  
While the kettle is heating up I wash my face.  When I’m done, the water is usually ready to go.  With a cup of Moroccan Mint tea in hand I head back to the bedroom
Just for about five minutes – nothing super intense.   Also, I have no clue what I’m doing.  I just google “morning stretches” and have found a couple I do.  This is a good starting place. Also, my tea has cooled the perfect amount once done stretching.
Four–Pray & Read
Befor waking up early, I would save my quiet time for the evening because I was rushing through in the morning.  Which means it was rarely getting done and when it was it wasn’t what I needed. I wasn’t taking time to spend with the Lord in prayer and reading His Word.  I was skimming through on a tight “schedule”.  Now I have a solid 20-30 minutes to read slowly, pray, and just think/write about what I’ve been reading.  (Side note:  I have the She Reads Truth app which is doing a “365 Days of Truth” plan.  While I don’t read this in the morning, I do save it for patting the kiddos’ backs during nap time.  Again, saving me from scrolling through Instagram/Facebook. LIFE CHANGER. Reading things that speak truth during a weary time of the day.)  I also eat a bowl of cereal during this time.
Five–Get Ready
Last year I reversed this.  I did hair/makeup before reading and praying which was why it was neglected so often and was in no sense quality time.  I’ve also found that the getting ready process goes by quicker when I have done something to wake me up before.  During this time I usually listen to a Spotify playlist or a podcast such as this, this, or this.
What is a part of your morning routine?
Do you notice a change in your day when you wake up earlier?


  1. This is excellent! Just reading about your morning routine made me want to get up earlier just so I could do something like this! Right now I have to be at work by 6:30 and leave by 6:10 so I tend to favor sleep over any extra time in the morning. I'm usually rushed and forcing myself to be functioning by 6:45. I think ideally I would get disciplined enough to be in bed by 10 or 10:30 (right now it's like 11:30) and then maybe start to think about waking up a little earlier. I also used to be really good about getting up with my first alarm and now it usually takes me two or three to get me out of bed 😦 I loved all your ideas especially the stretching. I too am like you- I LIVE for treats! 🙂


  2. The whole waking up at 7 and to work by 8 is SO me! I want to be better but it's such a struggle for me. I feel like I would totally sleep right through two alarms but maybe knowing 6AM was my last alarm would help!


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