I think this just might be the Morris’ slowest month.
No trips on the calendar and no major events.
While I love traveling, it’s nice to have some blank space in our month.
I’ve made a few 2015 goals and since I usually do pretty well with these monthly goals, grace included, I decided to coordinate monthly goals with the overall goals for the year.
January Goals

1. Save, save, save.
We’ve nailed down our budget and have been fairly good at sticking with it since July. {Woop!} But we know we are going to need a new {to us} car this year.  The planner in me wants to save as much as possible to add to our down payment which means saving like crazy.
We can do this.

2. Continue to exercise 3 times per week.
Besides the week I was sick/out of town for Christmas, I did a pretty good job of going twice a week. It has actually become a fun part of my routine after work.  Downside: I finished Gilmore Girls while sick so now I’m in desperate need of a new Netflix watch while running.  Suggestions?
3. Cast vision for our living room & make a list of items to acquire.
I’ve mentioned that we are planning on sticking around this white walled apartment which has given us permission to invest a little more money in this space to make it feel more like home.

4. Wake up early.
Simple enough.
Quiet, intentional mornings make my days more productive.
Stretch, make coffee, read the Bible and pray.


What are your goals for the first month of 2015?


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