The time has come to say goodbye to 2014 and hello to a brand new year.
Last January I started my job as a Pre-K teacher at an amazing school.
Hours were spent pouring over furniture magazines and putting everything together for the new classroom.  
Finally, in February the classroom opened and I have spent the past year laughing with my nine little students.
In April we moved into our current apartment where we’ve decided that we will be for at least one more year.
In May we packed five people into an SUV and travelled over 60 hours round-trip to Seattle and back with a short stop in Yellowstone.
I loved this trip and the friends we were able to experience it all with.
We celebrated our first anniversary in June and on that same day made the decision to get better quality pictures for our second anniversary.
This summer we attended several weddings.
Two of which were two of my good friends’.
It has been one of the coolest things to see these two growing and learning from each other

Looking through our pictures I realized we spent a lot of our year with family.
Even though we live 2-4 hours from each of our families, our weekends were filled with traveling to see them or hosting them as they travelled to see us.
I’m hoping that continues in the new year!
Here’s to 2015!


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