The Morrises are classic, “bleh”, apartment dwellers.
We’ve dreamed, even seriously talked about a 600 square foot, brick walled, loft above our favorite downtown coffee shop.
We did the math.
Then slept on it for a few weeks, talked it over with our incredibly wise and practical parents, and realized that while a more appealing living space was realistic for the next year – it wasn’t practical with some of our goals.  New (to us) car and paying off school debt topping the list.
So our sixty cent per square foot, white walled, character-less apartment it is.
And it’s growing on me.
Especially now that we are planning on staying.
I’m loving it even more and am willing to add more to the emptiness to make this place our home.
Part of making it a home included a desk.
Josh is not a desk person.
But I definitely am.
I rarely used mine in college – preferring a bed full of pillows with my laptop over a stiff backed chair.
But recently had been really wanting a place to read, write, dream, and plan.
{And anytime my body hits the bed these days it’s straight to eyes closed, goodnight.}
So onto the Christmas wish-list it went.
Not any specific one.
Which was the problem.
Indecisive pro.
“Well this one’s alright, maybe? Oohhhh! I like this one. But holy moly how much? Ehhhh.”
This magical desk also had to fit in the space restraints of our bedroom.
Because natural light is key to reading, writing, dreaming, and planning of course.
In steps my good friend and co-worker.
She heard my indecisive decision attempts and then mentioned she had a desk she was wanting to get rid of.
For free.
It was a deal.
And it’s been a dream ever since.
Early morning reading and late night budget crunching.
She’s perfect.
And she even led to a husband diy project.
{More to come, of course.}
Also, the sweetest husband of all time ordered this little gem hidden in the desk drawer that I cannot wait to start using.

What’s one thing that makes your house {or white-walled apartment} a home?


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