These goal setting posts have become some of my favorite to write.
Even when I don’t quite “measure up” and complete all my goals (or any of them…) it is a discipline I enjoy and a refocus and refreshment for the next 30 days or so.
December Goals

1. Abide in Jesus.
I’ve been working through the Naptime Diaries Advent booklet this year and I have not been able to get this thought out of my head. {Josh gave me a splurge purchase a few months ago and I think I used it wisely! The calendar is gorgeous and the messages are right on point.} My favorite quote from this day’s article is, “This season can be so busy.  It can seem like all the people are calling for our attention and our service.  But if we would just abide in Jesus, dig our roots in deep, and let His words abide in us, we will minister out of the strength of the Lord.”  That day I had just spent a good while looking over who’s gifts we had left to buy and how that works with this month’s budget and was left overwhelmed.  I want to give good gifts to those we love.  But not if it’s out of pride.  I want to give good gifts to remember the ultimate gift.  I want to show those people love because an incomparable love was shown to us.  And I can’t show this kind of love if I’m not rooted in Jesus’ love. 
2. Savor time with family.
Without getting caught up and frustrated with the timeline and details.
Because of work we have a short time to spend with each of our families so I hope to enjoy and soak up all of the special moments with everyone.
3. Exercise two days per week.
Again? Yes.  Sadly, I did not make this happen in November.  The cold weather, dark evenings, and sickness all piled up and resulted in too many nights watching hours of Netflix.  But, we joined a gym.  We both needed a little motivation and equipment to complete this goal.  We heard about a place that fit our price range and is described as a gym for non-gym people basically.  So of course, I’d fit right in.  We’ve been three times this week and so far it’s going really well.  Plus, I’m able to walk while watching Gilmore Girls.  Which might sound a little pathetic.  But at least I’m moving while watching instead of sitting?
What are some of your goals for this month?
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