First, and I hope you already know this, but we love your little ones.
I thought I knew this feeling from being in various classrooms for bajillion of practicum hours but nothing compares to your sweet boys and girls.
We spend eight, nine, maybe even ten or eleven hours together everyday.
Monday through Friday.
We get on each others’ nerves.
We clash.
We both lose our patience from time to time.

But we hug.
We hug a lot.
We say, “I love you.”
Which brings their teacher to tears every time.
We laugh uncontrollably.
At the silliest of things.
Like milk mustaches or the “There’s A Cake Behind Your Back, Made Ya Look” game.
We learn.
We teach them that they can write their name.
And we give monstrous hugs and high-fives and smiles when they give it a try.
And even bigger ones when they finally get it.
Some days are tiring.
They’re downright rough.
And we feel like we’re not doing enough.
We’re not teaching them enough.
We’re not encouraging them enough.
We’re not encouraging parents enough.
We leave feeling worn out.
Unappreciated even.
And then a mom stops you on her way to pick up her little one.
Or sends and encouraging message.
Just to say, “Thank you.”
Those two little words, spoken with sincerity, breathe life into our bones and bring smiles to our faces every time.
Add on some specific things that you appreciate about us?
We love hearing it.
We might know it somewhere deep in our hearts.
But when you bring it to the surface – joy.
Pure joy.
Enough rambling.
Is this rambling?
I’m sorry.
In conclusion {this is how I ended all my college papers}, thank the people around you.
They need to hear it.
Even if you think they know it.
Or if it won’t matter.
It does.

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