Well, if I’m being totally honest, the only October goal I knocked out of the park was:  “Drink plenty of apple cider.”
I guess this could be coupled with loving Josh well because the boy loves a good coffee shop read session.
But then again, so do I.
Spoiler:   Some of October’s goals might be making a reappearance…
November Goals

1. Finish The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
{I have book ADD.}

2. Exercise.
{Goodness gracious. Move it, Rach. How many times has this one made an appearance?} 
3. Contribute a dish for Thanksgiving dinner.
4. Loosely determine Christmas gifts and purchase them.
{Hey wives:  How do you buy gifts for your husbands without them knowing? He guesses every time.}
5. Love the people around me well.
{Whatever that looks like – listening to what’s important to them, bringing them a coffee, smiling in the hallway.}
What’s one of your goals for the month/season?
How do you love on the people around you?


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