You know us, a weekend at home with no plans on the horizon is like something from a dream.
{As in rarely does it actually happen.}
So I was desperate for this weekend with absolutely no obligations.
We could sleep in however late we wanted to.
And go to bed however early we wanted to.
{Which we did.}
Josh’s work schedule so far has allowed him to be off Fridays and Saturdays which means that boy is mine all mine for two days.
However, Rach and Josh have differing opinions of “fun” sometimes.
A weekend with no plans = “Let’s go somewhere spontaneous and not be home!” to Josh Morris
And a weekend with no plans = “FREEDOM! I’m wearing sweats till the end of Sunday and taking numerous naps on the couch!” to Rachel Morris.
Disagreement commences.
{At approximately 4:51 Friday evening.}
Several, “Well what do you want to do”s were exchanged.
A few tears of desperation from a weary wife.
And finally an agreement.
His idea:  all the junk food snacks and a movie at home it would be.
We strolled through the aisles of Target without a care of sugar, fiber, or calories.
Into the basket it went.
{Tip:  Pick up a Starbucks drink for your husband before walking through Target and it gives you an extra 20 minutes in the home decor department.}
We watched Casper and munched on our Pringles and Red Vines while snuggling on the couch.
{See, this story has a happy ending after all!}
And then went to bed promptly at 9:30.
Slept in till the beautiful 8:30 then had the best breakfast ever at a downtown breakfast cafe.
Which we quickly agreed would be a new Saturday morning tradition around the Morris household.
When we’re home that is…

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