This weekend was different than all the rest.  
We traveled – nothing different there.
But this time we weren’t traveling towards more people we knew.
No family at the end.
No friends in the car.
Just me and Mr. Morris.
Although I deeply and dearly love our family and friends it was a weekend for just Josh and Rachel.
{With the ending spent at a gorgeous wedding.}

We took the weekend slowly.
Sleeping in, driving the well known route to Bentonville, stopping by the farmers’ market on the square, eating tacos from the food truck on a whim {P.S. Always eat food truck tacos on a whim.  Always.}, multiple coffee shop reading trips, antique shop strolling, hotel pool swims, feasting on Chinese food, and going to bed however early we wish.

I like the two of us.
I like the conversation and the silence.
I like the looks over the computer screen that say, “Enough pictures already, woman.”
And my goodness I love going to weddings with that man.

I’m telling you people – always.


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