Things around this space have been pretty quiet lately.
There’s a whole lotta life going on which means settling in for writing about this life becomes pushed out of sight.
After some thought I’ve realized, I’m ok with that.
There have been busy weeks at school loving on nine preschoolers, date nights, doctor visits, then trips to see mom & dad, a rarity – a weekend home, enjoying the community of believers at our church, evening walks, and lots of getting into a daily rhythm.
Going to bed early and getting up early has been a game changer in the world of Rachel Morris.
{Plus, it’s been two weeks – habit formed, right?}
I’ve been spending time soaking up God’s Word in the morning.
Something, that to be honest, I was neglecting for several weeks.
I can’t begin to explain how much more joyful my days have been when my mind is set on the hope that we have in Christ instead of trudging through the days on my own strength.
Not to say that doesn’t still happen – but it is easier to re-callibrate when intentional time with the Lord is spent.

Currently, we are resting at J’s mom and dad’s in Arkansas.
Because, as you know, it is impossible for the Morrises to be home for more than one weekend in a row. 

Happy weekend friends!


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