^^^ Friday night we snuck out for a little coffee date.  For about 10 minutes of book reading before we both decided that it was bed time for us “adults”, 
^^^ Saturday morning we tried a new coffee shop. Very simplistic and local.  They roast their own beans and my goodness their presentation and packaging are almost as killer as their coffee.   
^^^ Our apartment is just that.  An apartment.  Nothing fancy going on here.  But since we are going to be here for at least a little while – we’ve decided to make some improvements that can hopefully transfer to our long-term living situation.  
{Whatever long-term means in the Morris world…}
This morning I was thankful to be back at our church then a quick lunch with friends.
Since J worked Sunday evening I spent a solid amount of time in our cozy bed – planning the week ahead, reading this library check-out, gawking over this planner, and watching some good ol’ television.  Any Netflix recommendations?  I’ve been watching Mad Men but I’m pretty meh on the whole thing.


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