This morning never had a chance.
I somehow woke up at 7:31 to be at work by 8.
{Josh working mornings and leaving the whole bed to myself is not a good thing…}
Teaching, I’ve learned, works poorly when rushed.
We had the “Let’s be nice to our friends.” talk one bajillion times today.
And it was hotter than a firecracker on the fourth of July.
{Pronounced Joooly if you’re Kenny Vaught.}
Which made recess unbearable.
And short.
But wonderful things can happen after the children’s two hour nap.
We were all in a much better mood – laughing our way through our applesauce and vanilla wafer snack.
After reading our circle time book, one small child raised her hand and said the sweetest words,
“I love you really much.”
And right then I stopped worrying about all the planning that didn’t get done and all the cleaning that had yet to be done.
I just told those eight sweet children how much I loved them.
I love every day with them.
The rough, rushed, sweet, and beautiful days with my PreKindergartners.
And some days, when I’m lucky, the children draw sweet pictures of their silly teacher.
Today’s picture was of Mrs. Rachel feeding a giraffe.
I asked him, “Do you want me to hang it up here?”
And he replied, “Yes, but can you hang it up at your house?”
Why, yes, I can hang it up at my house sweet child.

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