The Morrises love a good road trip.
We also kind of like Arkansas.
So off we went one Sunday with three of our good friends.
Josh grew up in Bentonville, and if you know anyone from Northwest Arkansas, it’s “The greatest place on Earth”.
{Many thanks to Walmart. ;)}
But all jokes aside, Northwest Arkansas is just naturally beautiful and offers some pretty great {might I add, “budget friendly”} experiences – and is a short two hour drive from Southwest Missouri.
First up, Kennedy’s.
Because let’s be real,
coffee is where a good day trip starts.
There are several good coffee shops in the area.
We just can’t break the habit.
It’s like a magnet, pulling us to the parking lot for Velvet Elvis goodness.
^^^ And there’s that handsome husband.
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art was our next stop.
While I can’t say I know much about art,
the museum collection was fascinating.
I think I could spend hours just reading the plaques and searching for little details.
Even the “non-art-goer” was impressed.
{i.e. Josh Morris}
Another plus to Crystal Bridges is that there is no entrance fee.
Who says being cultured has to be expensive?
^^^ Architecture, models, cities.
Things I love to admire.
Thanks, dad.
This guy, Moshe Safdie, and his gardens for everyone had my eyes for a good thirty minutes.
He was the architect for Crystal Bridges which is why museum is nestled into the beautiful trails and wildlife of the “Natural State”.
And then we found the kids’ room.
Where the majority of our art visit was spent.
^^^ The boys.
After wandering around the museum we were ready to just sit and relax.
J recommended Pressroom, conveniently located next door to Phat Tire Bike Shop.
We sipped iced teas and Italian sodas while plotting our next move.
Which was disc golf for Josh and Jeff.
And sushi and Barnes and Noble for me, Kaitlyn, and Jake.
And then a sleepy drive home for all.
Where’s your favorite road trip destination?

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