Can you tell we’re working for the weekends around here?
^^^ The future bride-to-be and this lady came over again.  We wedding crafted, ate a fancy dinner of hot dogs and mac-and-cheese, then, naturally, ate ice-cream.  I’m loving these mid-week girls’ nights.

^^^ While the boy was out of town visiting his parents, my mom came up to be my date for Victoria’s wedding.  I loved spending the morning getting coffee with her and then the afternoon shopping for some apartment updates.  Every time I am around her I am amazed at how she doesn’t think twice about serving others – it’s just second nature to her.

Also, sorry about the blurry picture.  It was the only one I was able to get with the bride! 🙂

The new Mrs. Chernioglo (she tells people it’s pronounced, “chair-knee-o-glow”) was a stunning bride and the ceremony was just incredible.
One of my favorite parts about weddings is hearing about the couple’s love and then the reason behind that love.
For a husband to love his bride like Christ loves and protects the Church.
And for brides to love and respect their husbands.
Just beautiful.


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