Another packed weekend at the Morris household.
Part of me kind of loves it.
Part of me is praying for the promise of a “slow-down” in September. 

^^^ My good friend that I’ve known since elementary school is getting married next weekend!  We celebrated with food, laughs, and lots of pictures.
^^^ Sunday morning {so stinking early} Josh, Jake, Kaitlyn, and I embarked on a day trip of the Josh Morris’s hometown.  There we met up with Jeff and took on the city. More details to come. 
^^^ There is only one way to start a Bentonville day trip.
Kennedy’s Velvet Elvis.
I’m a sucker for any drink with white chocolate shavings on top.

^^^ It was so fun to watch Josh show off all of his favorite places.
He stinking loves this town.
And I stinking love him.
Happy week, friends!
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