Guys, this goal thing is pretty fun.
And challenging even with my three measly goals.
Ladies and gentlemen,
{Alright.  Ladies + my husband.}
A review of July’s goals:
1. Finish Recovering Redemption.
This one really made goal setting worth it.  I have a little bit of book ADD – 20 books that I’ve started and have’t finished.  Not because they weren’t good – just because I love starting new books.  But this books, friends.  I can’t say enough.  And I’m so thankful I finished it.  Now onto the next book… 😉
2. Make one new meal.


3. Relax outside by the water.

Nope.  Didn’t happen.  But we’ll try again this month.
Speaking of this month…


1. Go on a photo walk around my city.  With the Canon.
2. Try out one new local restaurant.

3.  Be active.  In some way.

Let’s do this, August.


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