According to the iPhone.
And the wonderfully rad Party Party App
^^ The boy had to work this Saturday.  Boo weekend work.
But I snuck in to take him to Chic-Fil-A on his lunch break.
Here we discussed future baby names.
Or rather, I offered suggestions, he thought of creative nicknames that boys in 5th grade would call him or her.
Our poor child.

^^ After our lunch date I had another date with a sweet new friend.
We talked, read books, and drank chai.
While on our date I finished “Recovering Redemption” by Matt Chandler.
Guys, that book was so rich.
Rich with conviction.
Rich with truth.
And rich with grace.
^^ Sunday morning we hauled our books and tired souls to the coffee shop before church.  Although very little book reading was done.  Weary eyes staring out the window and picture taking was a plenty though.  Have you used the Party Party App yet?  It basically turns your iPhone into a photo booth.  
And makes these pretty sweet videos that will make even the husband giggle.  
The rest of our Sunday consisted of half price wings, naps, and more weekend work for the boy.
How was your weekend friends?
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