Three invitations were hanging on our refrigerator for quite some time.
One – a friend of mine from high school.
Two – Josh’s friend and his father was officiating the wedding
Three –  friends from church
All very different.
With one date in common – July 19.
We excitedly sent in all three RSVP cards.
Wishfully thinking – “Yea, we’ll make it to all three.”
Realistically thinking, “Ok, which one are we going to have to miss?”
As July 19 approached, we realized we were doing it.
We could do it.
1:30, two hour drive, 5 o’clock, and 7.
The map routes were confirmed.
We were pumped.
Even the boy.
Yes, to a wedding.
Add a little adventure and a road trip into a wedding and you know what, he loved that day.
Bonus, we had to chance to hang out with both of our families throughout the day.
Even though my family {and myself} are not Catholic, I attended a Catholic school from elementary to high school.
Thus, Catholic wedding of two high school sweethearts.
It was filled to the brim with sweetness and the biggest smiles beaming from the bride and groom’s faces.
If we hadn’t had the other two weddings, I would have loved that reception.
But, we had to sneak out during communion.
Because…we were already off schedule.
Which only makes it more exciting for the Josh Morris.
The second wedding’s venue was perfection.
A cabin and field on a historical battlefield.
We had been to the rehearsal the night before since the bride was a close family friend and his dad was officiating.
Which came in handy.
Because we were booking it.
There was a little bit of a hike from the parking lot to the actual ceremony.
And since our parking lot arrival time was 4:55 to a 5 o’clock wedding, there might have been some light jogging and tie-tying on the trail.
With about .2 seconds to spare.
We said hello to the bride and groom, then goodbye to Josh’s family as we headed to the third and final wedding.
Thankfully, we had about 15 minutes in between to run home and change.
You know, after the jogging incident.
This last one was just breathtaking.
The setting for the ceremony was a grassy area with two stunningly green trees as a backdrop for the bride and groom.
It was easy-going, yet purposeful.
And I’m pretty sure everyone had a little tear in their eye when the couple read their self-written vows.
I am so thankful we were able to witness and share in the joy that a wedding brings.
For three incredible couples.
And the best part?
Spending this sweet, special, and crazy day with Josh Morris.
Life is such a beautiful adventure with that boy.
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  1. I can't believe you did three weddings in one day!! We did three this summer and I thought that was a lot. Do all three people know you went to all three? (They may after reading your blog haha). Stopping by from Oak & Oats, Love the blog!


  2. Aww–that's cool, and awesome! I've never been faced with a dilemma such as attending three weddings on the same day, but I think it's awesome that you guys took up the challenge!


  3. Three weddings in one day AND you guys were able to change in between them?? Now, that is pure talent! Sounds like an exciting and fun day. 🙂


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