Nothing says goal setting like starting halfway through the month, right?
I think that’s why I like The Tiny Twig’s version – “Goals with Grace”.
Because how often are we gung-ho about checking off the to-do list when sometimes it’s not really about the list at all.
But don’t get me wrong.
I like having a target.
Something I’m striving towards.
Because goals swish around in my head every second.
The little “to-dos” begin to overwhelm the big ones.
So here they are.
The big ones.

1. Finish Recovering Redemption.
2. Make one new meal.
3. Relax outside by the water.

They’re simple.
I mean, there’s only three of them.
But they’re ones that have been on my mind since the beginning of summer.
Since my teaching job is year-round, summer is, well, just not the same.
I don’t hear the shouts of “freedom” ringing in my ears like I did throughout high-school or college.
It’s just another day.
Another week.
Another month.
But my hope is that I can still set aside time to rest and enjoy this summer.


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