After spending so many weekends traveling for weddings or to visit family, this homebody was ready to just rest for a weekend.  Each day included a snooze on the couch and waking up at nine.  Weekend perfection. 
one |  Spending a mild Friday afternoon to play disc golf – just the two of us.  Side note:  I ended up parring until the fifth hole.  Personal best for little Rach.  Then…..a final score of +5. Baby steps.
two | A Sunday taco lunch after church and library visit with sweet friends.  Our living room furniture consists of one couch and a few dining room chairs. So occasionally when we have friends over we all somehow end up cozily on the couch.  Which kind of just makes friendship that much sweeter. 
three | Sitting down to get things organized included making a budget for the next few months.  Students loans – you are already not my friend.


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  1. Augh! I HATE student loans. Nate and I just had a long talk last night about paying them off (we finished up mine last night!!!!!!!!) and it was stressful but great! 🙂


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