After graduating in December, proudly grasping my Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, I marched into my first teaching job.  Thinking, naively, “How hard could it be?”
I’ve got this.
I’m prepared.
Oh, how wrong I was.
I’ll just be honest.
I had a rough class.
Several behavior challenges that I just was not prepared for.
They physically, emotionally, and mentally wore me out.

Tears of frustration.
And hopelessness found their way to my eyes weekly.
And sometimes even daily.

And I get that this sounds dramatic.
I mean, they’re four year olds, how rough can it be you big wimp?

But when you’re the lone ranger trying to allow most kiddos to rest during nap time while managing a kid that just wanted to run around the classroom screaming, it was a nightmare.

I dreaded work some days.

And some days, the bearable ones, I found were somewhat enjoyable.
Seeing the joy in my students’ laughter.

But when May rolled around, I needed our vacation.

I needed time to refocus, rethink through some strategies, and to re-love what I do.
And some time to just not think at all perhaps.

I knew that the current class I had would be fading out – transitioning to their summer at home schedule and then moving on to Kindergarden or a different placement.

And most of those I hated to see go.

I wanted them to just stay through the summer.
Or just one week longer.

And some, I was ready for us to part ways.
I get it.
I’m a teacher.
I love all students.
Even the hard ones.

But if I’m being honest, I was counting down the days.
 I loved them.
Enjoyed watching them grow.
And enjoyed watching them grow all the way to Kindergarten.

So one by one all but three of my sweet children walked out the door to Kindergarten.
{Those other three I get to keep for one more year!}

And in walked six new PreKinders.
And my goodness I am in love.

And, yes, some days have their challenges.

But it is nothing compared to the challenges of February through May.
Those were hard, hard months in the little classroom.

But June has already flown by.
I’m enjoying what I do even more.
And coming home refreshed instead of broken.

It’s going to be an incredible year with these nine little ones.


3 thoughts on “NINE LITTLE LOVES

  1. Oh girl, you have no idea how much I relate to this post! I'm pretty sure all teachers have difficult classes and kiddos and I'm so glad you persevered and stuck with your passion and calling. 🙂

    It sounds like you've got a great year ahead of you!


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