This boy just blows me away sometimes.
It’s crazy how much this marriage thing brings out the selfishness in a person.
Or perhaps it’s that it just brings your flaws to the surface.
And, Lord knows, selfishness is one of my many flaws.
I heard it.
Read it.
The advice given from the married, “Don’t expect him to read your mind.”
And yet there I was.
Expecting him to make dinner every once in a while.
Do the laundry perfectly.
Put things away where I wanted them.
Let me just say,
that made for an unhappy Rach.
And an unhappy Josh.
The boy takes the time to do the laundry, cleans the house more than I do, and runs all sorts of little errands during his day.
Goodbye mind reading expectations.
Gosh, I’m so thankful for him.
And how he’s gracefully teaching me.

3 thoughts on “HE LOVES ME

  1. The whole “reading my mind” thing took me back to a story an old friend told me after his wife left him for another man….he looked me in the eye and said “whatever you do Whitney, don't ever expect him to read your mind.”
    Obviously, your post isn't to that extreme; however I think if we practice the small things it could turn into the bigger things. The girl he was married to expected him to know when she wanted a date, when things weren't going right, etc….but he needed someone to tell him. This is a good post though…didn't mean to get all deep n stuff. ha!


  2. Hi! Stopping by from the oak and oats link up and I just wanted to say that your blog is super cute and I love this post!

    I've been married for ten months and learning to state my expectations instead of hoping my husband reads my mind has been a huge challenge! And like your guy, mine totally pitches in and helps way more than I ever expected and I just need to be thankful for that!

    I love the last line “how gracefully he's teaching me” LOVE it! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Sarah @Sometimes Photojenik


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